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  • Water Treatment
  • Water Purification/Ultrapure Water
  • Wastewater Treatment/Reuse
  • Waste to Energy
  • Waste resources
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Service Fields

We will achieve advances in all areas of environmental business.
Service Fields
Waste to Energy
Waste resources

Waste to Energy

Area of Engagement

  • Combustible Waste : SRF(Solid Refuse Fuel) Manufacturing Facilities, Waste Incineration Plant Facilities, etc.
    Biogas Energy System : Anaerobic Digestion Facilities (For Foods / Livestock excretions), Sludge Treatment Facilities, etc.
Area of Engagement
1. Industrial Districts , 2.Industrial Waste Incineration Plant, 3.Commercial Districts, 4. Water Purification Plant, 5.Residential Districts, 6.Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project History

Classification Project Capacity Completion
Yeong-Gwang Combined Heat & Power Plant Investment on Construction of Industrial Waste Incineration Power Plant, YeongGwang-gun (PF) SRF Manufacturing (300ton/day), SRF Incinerat & Boiler (260ton/day), Electricity Generation 9.8MW On-going
Chang-Sin E&E Co.,Ltd New Renewable Energy Plant, City of Gim-cheon SRF Manufacturing (400ton/day), SRF Incinerat & Boiler (180ton/day x 2) On-going
KleanNara Fluidized Incinerator Plant, City of Cheong-ju 400ton/day (Sludge 260ton/day, SRF 70ton/day) On-going